Star Trek into Darkness boldly goes where many films (and precious few sequels) have gone before–and in the opposite direction of its title. It’s fun, funny, a bit too fast, and simultaneously too Kirkish (cocky, hell-for-leather, squeaking by on luck and charm) and Spockian (robotically working its way through the more emotional scenes).

A word to J.J.: Slow down and stick the landing. Invest in dialogue and characters along the way. (Subtlety is a virtue.) Cute blondie was inexplicably ignored by screenwriters and Kirk alike. Khan was theatrically overwritten (giving no room for Cumberbatch’s talent with the little things) and then too quickly forgotten, virtually flung straight into a second sequel (which I eagerly await).

And finally, don’t kill more people than you can handle. Read: Don’t apocalyptically bulldoze half of San Francisco in a stunt the size of a dozen September 11ths and then fast-forward to a chipper one-year anniversary. Also, don’t hustle through—as in, completely skip over—Kirk’s personal Easter. (Does he spend time in the tomb or what?)

Ease off the warp speed. There are people aboard.

Burrow out. (And thanks for the ride.)